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When we designed and built our first Gradient 1.0 loudspeaker, we had no idea how strong and everlasting symbol for our company it would eventually become. A product that has stood against time all these years.

The idea of making a perfect loudspeaker led us to the path we are still travelling. 

Discover the new Gradient 1.4. For years to come.

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It was just 35 years ago when we decided to take our own way and not to follow anyone else. Not to fall industry conventions and evident solutions. With one single goal: to design a loudspeaker that sounds excellent in all kinds of rooms.

Now we have added another chapter to the legendary Gradient 1.-line. The sprit of the Gradient 1. - speakers combined with the inventions we have made during all these years make the 1.4 a real unique loudspeaker, destined to become an instant classic.


The first coaxial structure in our speaker elements was carried out in Revolution model, launched in 1993. Thereafter, several versions of the coaxial drivers developed together with Seas have been used in our loudspeakers.

The new Gradient 1.4 is the first speaker utilizing our latest coaxial technology made exclusively for Gradient in Norway. A 176mm pre-coated reed paper cone handles frequencies up to 2.5kHz. High frequencies from 2.5kHz to over 20kHz are reproduced by a 25mm Al/Mg-dome tweeter placed at the apex of the midrange cone. Such a point source is generally accepted as an ideal sound source for its excellent phase and amplitude response. The end result is an extremely accurate, stable and three dimensional soundstage.


To minimize reflections from the speaker cabinet, the coaxial element is mounted in a spherical enclosure. The sphere is an ideal form with no structural interfaces and discontinuities.

Still Gradient is not Gradient without something completely new and unique. From the very beginning it was clear that the Gradient 1.4 will utilize our acoustic resistance enclosure - technology, like used in many previous Gradient models. Now this is made as perfect as possible: Symmetric spherical housing leaks “anti sound” from the opening behind the sphere, cancelling backward radiation and early reflections from the surfaces behind the loudspeaker.

Thus from 200Hz up, the speaker radiates sound mainly in the forward direction. The rear radiation is effectively damped by having a power ratio of 100 to 1. Special attention has also been taken that the radiation patterns are consistent at all frequencies.

In a nutshell: the room influence to the sound remains very small giving the Gradient 1.4 a very similar sound characteristic in many different rooms.


Low frequencies below 200Hz are reproduced by a bass-reflex enclosure tuned at 27Hz. Large cross-section area of the reflex tunnel guarantees no breathing noise even at high sound levels.

220mm long throw woofer made by Seas in Norway is facing towards the floor. The woofer has an extremely stiff aluminium cone giving tremendous bass precision. 


Gradient 1.4 follows functionalism. Every aspect in the form has a meaning. Acoustic design and function determine the shape. There is nothing more to add - there is nothing left to take away. 

The cabinet of the speaker is made of advanced techno polymer in Finland. Together with the ideal form of the speaker exceptional combination of stiffness and rigidness is obtained to eliminate cabinet vibrations. 

The finishing of the speaker cabinet, available in graphite black and white, is durable providing easy to clean and long-lasting surface. For years to come. 

Data sheet
Make and modelGradient 1.4
Frequency response45-20000Hz +/-2dB, 27Hz -6dB
Impedance4 ohm
Radiation patternsBass: sphere, midrange & treble: cardioid
Drivers1x220mm long throw woofer, 176mm pre-coated reed-paper cone midrange, coaxial Al/Mg dome 25mm.
Recommended amplifier power50-250W
Crossover frequency200Hz and 2500Hz
FeaturesAdjustable listening angle for midrange and treble.
ConnectionsBinding posts
Dimensions (WHD)32 x 88 x 32cm
Room sizeMedium - Large
Suitable for home cinemaYes
Made inFinland
Reviews and awards

' The Gradient 1.4 is one of the most exciting, sonorous and yes: most attractive floorstanding loudspeakers below 10.000 euros. ' - Holger Biermann, LowBeats, 3/2020

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‘ When it comes to sound image one of the biggest and most natural loudspeakers money can buy. ‘ - Malte Ruhnke, Stereoplay, 2/2020


‘ Gradient 1.4 is the first loudspeaker that really makes music in my acoustically problematic L-shaped living room with more than 50 square meters of floor space with various reflective glass surfaces and parquet flooring. ‘

- Meik Wippermann, Hörerlebnis, no. 109

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' The Gradient 1.4 is such an excellent hifi / high-end speaker that it is harder to find a better sound, regardless of the price. Thus, the price of a loudspeaker pair seems fairly reasonable. School grade 10-/10. '

- Risto Niska, Tekniikan Maailma, 22/2018.

Best Sound in the Audio Video Show, Warsaw, Nov 2018.


' What comes to the sound, the Gradient 1.4 is versatile unlike many other loudspeakers that use non-mainstream technical structures. In addition to the sensible sound balance, the sound has air and depth. The cabinet's roundness and free-floating top make it possible to direct the sound in the desired way without changing the visual impression. Gradient 1.4 is design-wise and sound-wise a modern high-quality loudspeaker. It has managed to celebrate the company's 35-year history. '

- Pekka Tuomela, Hifi Maailma, 04/2018.


' These are fantastic loudspeakers for long, relaxed listening in any acoustic environment. '

- Wojciech Pacula, High Fidelity, June 2018.

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' What can I say? Competent and convincing! Very much so. Very systematic. Disarming in their own original way. Those were the first words that leaped to my mind. The 1.4 sounded precisely as they were designed to sound. The same characteristics. The same virtues. Is anyone surprised? If you’ve followed me down here, I’m sure you understand. Just a few observations.

First, the purity of the sound. By the purity I do mean the opposite of the impurity – distortion, grain, noise etc. (of course that too). Instead I mean ”the-room-does-not-participate-in-the-party” kind of purity. It’s easy to identify and pinpoint if one already knows Gradient speakers, but it may come as a surprise to someone less familiar with them. Here’s one way to describe it: we were listening far-field (>4m away from the speaker line) but the sound was as if we were listening near-field! Amazing, believe me.

Second, the speakers were placed close to the wall but the soundstage and imaging stayed accurate and stable preserving its three-dimensionality. '

- Kari Nevalainen, INNER, April 2018.

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