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Gradient Helsinki reflects our completely unique approach to loudspeaker design. Several innovative technologies control the room-loudspeaker interaction. The loudspeakers as well as the room virtually disappear and take the listener middle of the original recording place. It is no wonder why this speaker has received numerous awards from the leading magazines of the industry.

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Gradient Helsinki is tailored to produce the most beautiful sound in all environments from home to lounge bars and hotel lobbies. These loudspeakers are easy to position and they deliver very open and wide sound stage everywhere to the room. 


Gradient Helsinki utilizes Controlled Directivity, the very essence of unique Gradient loudspeaker design philosophy. By directing more of the speakers high frequencies and middle frequencies to the listener and less to the reflecting surfaces the listener hears more of the original recording and less of the room.


Rooms develop strong peaks and dips below 200Hz - these are determined by the three dimensions of the room ie. the Length Width and Height. The most audibly damaging node arises from the shortest room dimension, usually the floor to ceiling height. Dipole bass stimulates bass in just one direction (the direction of driver excursion) and not the other two. In this way the speaker reduces nodes due to the ceiling height and the direction 90 degrees from the radiating direction.


Bass response of Gradient Helsinki can be adjusted by tilting the speaker. Tilting has a noticeable effect on bass reproduction. The more you toe-in, the stronger bass you will get. Also the further away from the wall you use them, more sideways towards the wall they can be positioned.


In a small listening room or with rather wide backwall, you can also experiment with very different placement than previously described. By positioning Gradient Helsinki’s backglass straight against the backwall you’ll get very open and dynamic soundstage without much of a space for loudspeaker placement. In this position woofers should face magnets outwards. 


Gradient Helsinki is designed and hand built in Finland with professional craftsmanship and very high quality materials. In addition to the standard finishes, Gradient Helsinki may be customized with a variety of options. Multiple colors and real wood veneers allow personalized speakers for every taste. 

Data sheet
Make and modelGradient Helsinki 1.5
Frequency response60-20000Hz +/-2dB, 35Hz -6dB
Impedance6 Ohms, minimum 4 Ohms
Radiation patternsBass: dipole, midrange & treble: cardioid
Drivers1x300mm long throw woofer, 150mm pulp cone midrange, 19mm aluminum dome tweeter
Recommended amplifier power50-250W
Crossover frequency200Hz and 2200Hz
FeaturesBi-wiring, bi-amping ready (Applicable when Speakon chosen)
ConnectionsBinding posts, 2 pcs or four pole Speakon
Room sizeMedium - Large
Made inFinland
Reviews and awards

‘  This design is literally outside of the box, yet has a solid theoretical foundation, and an elegant inner tonal balance. A quirky mixture of aesthetic and sonic elegance, it’s maybe not for everyone, but it’s cogently engineered, makes a significant contribution to the art of loudspeaker design and clearly deserves recommendation, especially in view of its decidedly modest price. ‘ - Martin Colloms, HIFICRITIC (7-9.2012)

‘  The Helsinki strikes a nice neutral balance between being either too warm or too clinical. But what takes the cake is the Helsinki offers the best of both worlds – the dynamic sound of moving coil drive units and an unboxy sound quality akin to flat panel speakers, which of course it isn’t. For that, the Helsinki deserves a recommendation for being a fine sounding loudspeaker with jaw dropping aesthetics. ‘ MOD AV, Issue 12

‘ Several amazing pieces of organ music, live club jazz and female vocals proved to be intoxicating. The sonic imaging placed me in the room where each of the recordings was made, and each projected a different-sized space. Holographic would be the best word to describe this system. Whether sitting in front or standing in back of the speakers, the sound was so extremely visceral and huge that you could easily lose yourself in the illusion of being at a live music event. This was the most realistic and musical sound at the 2012 New York Audio Show. ‘ 

- Jeremy R. Kipnis, (April 2012)

Read the full report here:

‘ The sound in the Gradient room, with everything running, was quite simply unrivaled at this show. ‘ Scot Hull, New York Audio & AV Show 2012, Part-Time Audiophile (April 2012)

Read the full report here:

‘ The best of the best in high-end audio - The Gradient Helsinki 1.5 speaker is a "boxless" design, it sounds as amazing as it looks. ‘ - Steve Guttenberg, New York Audio & AV Show 2012 coverage, CNET (April 2012)

Read the full report here: 

‘ Gradient Conquers Room Acoustics - The sound was open, clear, and vibrant, with well-defined images placed across a wide stage. I heard no evidence of the bass problems that troubled many other systems. ‘ - John Atkinson & Stephen Mejias, New York Audio & AV Show 2012 coverage, Stereophile (April 2012)

Read the full report here:

’ Vivre avec les Helsinki dans mon salon est une expérience qui m’a plu, je me suis bien amusé, je suis prêt à recommencer n’importe quand. ‘ -Marc Philip, Magazine Audio (Aug 2011) 

Read the full report here:

‘ This unusual design from Gradient’s Jorma Salmi, with wave-guided tweeter, disc-mounted midrange, and side-firing dipole woofer, is intended to erase your listening room from the sound you hear. And it delivers the goods: Few other speakers can give you an equal sense of being transported to the performance venue. With the right setup, its spatial performance is at the top level attainable at any price. ‘ Editors Choice Award 2011 (The Absolute Sound, March 2011)

‘ Gradients Helsinki 1.5 offers basically excellent sound for a not unreasonable price.‘

-John Atkinson, Stereophile (Nov 2010)

‘ Though I was skeptical at first, I came away thinking that the Helsinki 1.5 is a must-hear for anyone with a taste for hi-fi adventure, and quite possibly a must-own for anyone for whom clarity of presence can tip the scale toward ecstasy. ’

- Art Dudley, Stereophile (Aug 2010)

‘ One of the most exciting and realistic-sounding loudspeakers money can buy. ‘ - Alan Sircom, Hi-Fi+ (April 2010)

‘ Best Sound of the SSI Show (Montreal SSI 2010) ‘ -Marc Philip, Audio Magazine (March 2010)

‘ This speaker has things to offer that no other does, especially in putting you in the space of the recording venue. There is literally nothing else like it, and it is an indispensable audition if you care about the proverbial "state of the art”. ‘

-Robert E. Greene, The Absolute Sound (Jan 2009)

‘ The sound was beatifully clean, clear and open, with, always a hallmark of Salmi’s designs, a solid soundstage of very precise imaging. ‘ -Paul Seydor, The Absolute Sound (April/May 2008)