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Gradient Six has a modern and unique design, combination of traditional craftsmanship, real wood and new smart materials. The Six offers an excellent sound also in small and medium sized rooms. It is a floor-standing speaker which is easy to place for many kind of interior. 

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Gradient Six is excellent choice for the rooms where the listening space is limited. Cabinet of no more than 17cm in depth is designed to be placed close to the wall. Even such a placement the speaker will produce well-balanced sound without over-emphasized, boomy bass. Solid wood and new smart materials make this speaker a long-lasting product designed for living.

Smart materials of highest quality

The cabinet of Gradient Six is made of finest quality solid birch. The back and front wall of the speaker cabinet are rigid Finnish birch plywood coated in Italian Fenix NTM® nano-tech matt material*. The Fenix NTM®, available in white or black is astonishing new material in many sense. The extremely matt surface is not just good looking. It is also resistant to fingerprints and scratches.

Point source

The one point source driver, as used in the Gradient flagship loudspeaker, Revolution, is very special. It was developed by Gradient and Seas of Norway and exhibits controlled dispersion patterns, allied to an ultra smooth spectral balance, in a wide listening area. The trademarks of this design are, pinpoint sound staging with exceptional depth and width. The on axis frequency response and the power response curves are optimized to give a balanced, airy and easy-to-listen sound. The passive radiator designed by Gradient extends the bass response at the lowest frequencies. It is situated in the rear wall of the loudspeaker enclosure.

Handcrafted in Finland

Like all Gradients, the Six is fully made in Finland. Each speaker leaving our workshop is individually tested and passes demanding quality control. Gradients are built to last, when used with care, they will provide you with enjoyable musical experiences for years to come.

Data sheet
Make and modelGradient Six v. 6.0
Frequency response35...25000Hz , 100...25000Hz +/-2dB, high frequency limit above 50kHz
Impedance8 ohm
Drivers1 x 176mm fibreglass midrange, 1 x coaxial aluminium dome 25mm, 140mm x 200mm passive radiator.
Recommended amplifier power20-150W
Crossover frequency2800Hz
ConnectionsBinding posts
Dimensions (WHD)200 x 900 x 173mm
Room sizeSmall - Medium
Suitable for home cinemaYes
Made inFinland
Reviews and awards

Hifi Knights, 3/2016

' Gradient 6.0 doesn’t paint a sweet picture, it leans more towards truth and detailing and also serves as a proof that quite small, inconspicuous floorstanders can put many listeners in a state of positive shock soundwise as these sound plainly big. Jorma Salmi knew exactly what he was doing. Music this coherent, detailed and smooth isn’t a case of mere coincidence. 6.0’s soundstaging capabilities are enormous, the same story goes with precision. Once matched with dense companions, saturation also will be a part of the performance. Layering, airness and ability to show instrument’s sizes properly are aspects not one but many much bigger floorstanding speakers will envy Gradient’s latest addition. Marvelously punchy, springy, well-controlled and diversified low end serves as a tasty cherry on top. Just make sure to follow manufacturer’s spacing instructions as these are crucial.

Gradient 6.0 will perform spectacularly good in environments unfriendly enough to make most of competitors performance mediocre at best. Said speakers are an ideal choice not only when small rooms are involved but hostile destination place for these as well. Needless to say, Finnish model is finely made and – subjectively – visually appealing. Kudos to Atte Salmi as this is his doing. Minimalistic design he created blends in seamlessly in almost any surroundings yours truly can think of. Gradient 6.0 is not only a real looker and a world class performer. All things considered, its price/performance ratio is off the charts as in many regards it clearly is able to throw punches way above its weight. Getting back to LS50 was challenging and these surely won’t be missed. On contrary to positively surprising Finnish 6.0 floorstanders Salmi duo created. My sincere congratulations to said gents and ’till next time. '

- Dawid Grzyb 

Stereolife 10/2015

' The ideal speaker for small and mid-sized living rooms? To a large extent, yes, and certainly some of the best that you can get for this price. 6.0 is not only a successful, competitive product, but also something that happens very rarely - modest equipment, which under appropriate conditions can reveal some features associated with high-end loudspeakers. Soundstage, consistency, realism and a certain finesse of handling the music. Even apart from the properties, the Finnish floorstanders are a very cool "thing" that you will enjoy having home. Simple as that. ' - Tomasz Karasiński

In Finnish: 10/2014 

' Gradient 6.0 ei kärsi pienen huoneen ominaisuuksista vaan hyödyntää ne alas ulottuvan ja tasapainoisen bassotoiston saavuttamiseksi. Sille on helppoa keksiä monenlaisia käyttäjiä niin normaaleista musiikin ja elokuvien nauttijoista kuin hifiharrastukseen syvälle hurahtaneistakin. Esimerkiksi flat-earth-henkinen elektroniikka ja G 6.0:t seinien suuntaisesti voisi toimia erinomaisesti vaikka Gradientia ei kovin usein esimerkiksi Exposuren, Linnin, Naimin tai Regan seurassa näekään.

Kerrostaloasuja ja rivitaloihminen, tämä on erinomainen laatukaiutin sinulle. Eikä vie tilaa keskilattialla normaalielämältä. ' - Samu Saurama

In Polish:

Hi-Fi Choice & Home Cinema 6/2016

' ★★★★★ Bardzo udane zespoły głośnikowe ponadprzeciętnie reprodukujące przestrzeń. Są chyba najmniej kapryśnymi podłogówkami, jeśli chodzi o ustawienie względem ścian ' - Arkadiusz Ogrodnik

PCLab 7/2015

' Gradient 6.0 są fantastyczne. To kolejny przykład na to, że niewielkie, niepozorne skrzynki podłogowe potrafią na wielu płaszczyznach wprawić swoim brzmieniem w osłupienie. ' - Dawid Grzyb

Magazyn Hi-fi 3/2015

' Skandynawskie ekologiczno-purytaƒskie wzornictwo Gradientów 6.0 nieodparcie kojarzy mi si ́ z du ̋ym szwedzkim sklepem meblowym. Powy ̋sze stwierdzenie nie przysporzy mi zapewne fanów Finlandii, ale na swà obron ́ dodam, ̋e Finowie sà zdolni do tworzenia rzeczy nietuzinkowych. Weêmy Dolin ́ Muminków Tove Mariki Jansson czy... Gradienty Jormy Salmi! ' - Robert Trzeszczyński 

' W tym momencie doszliśmy praktycznie do sedna niniejszej recenzji. Gradienty 6.0 są bowiem „ukrytą opcją ...”, nie nie niemiecką lecz monitorową rezydującą niejako pod pseudonimem wśród „normalnych” konstrukcji podłogowych. Oferując przestrzeń i tzw. całkowitą dematerializację po włączeniu muzyki, właściwe najlepszym konstrukcjom podstawkowym, uwalniają nas od żmudnego obowiązku poszukiwania odpowiednich standów, zabezpieczania całości przed ewentualną dezintegracją przez oczywiście nieumyślne potrącenie, etc. I jeszcze jedno. Jest to jedna z niewielu kolumn, która zagra tam, gdzie większość konkurencji nie będzie miała nawet szans na pokazanie ułamka swoich możliwości, więc jeśli tylko udało Wam się wygospodarować kilkanaście metrów kwadratowych na własny, audiofilski ołtarzyk a kolumny musicie (wiem, że musicie) postawić niemalże przy samej ścianie, to nic lepszego, no może oprócz słuchawek, raczej nie znajdziecie. Nie znajdziecie, bo to nie są kolumny dla każdego, tylko DLA WAS. ' - Jacek Pazio & Marcin Olszewski