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  • Gradient Five combines our technical excellence in loudspeaker design with high-quality materials and Finnish craftsmanship.Scandinavian timeless design is a delight to the eye and ear for decades to come. 
  • Gradient Six has a modern and unique design, combination of traditional craftsmanship, real wood and new smart materials. The Six offers an excellent sound also in small and medium sized rooms. It is a floor-standing speaker which is easy to place for many kind of interior. 
  • Gradient Helsinki reflects our completely unique approach to loudspeaker design. Several innovative technologies control the room-loudspeaker interaction. The loudspeakers as well as the room virtually disappear and take the listener middle of the original recording place. It is no wonder why this speaker has received numerous awards from the leading...
  • Gradient Revolution is a unique combination of advantages of a big panel loudspeaker and a mini monitor. Turnable and open dipole bass section with coaxial upper unit differs dramatically from ordinary loudspeaker designs. With these unique principles Revolution was designed to be extremely room independent.
  • When we designed and built our first Gradient 1.0 loudspeaker, we had no idea how strong and everlasting symbol for our company it would eventually become. A product that has stood against time all these years. The idea of making a perfect loudspeaker led us to the path we are still travelling.  Discover the new Gradient 1.4. For years to come.
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items