‘ Gradient 5.0 miellytti tässä hintaluokassa eniten (hintaluokka 1000 - 2000 Euroa) ‘ - Vesa Sirén, Kolmen tonnin kompromissi, Helsingin Sanomat, 28.6.2014

Finely Functional Finnish Fidelity: Gradient 5.0 Speakers, Tech Test Lab Review, Feb 4, 2013

‘ Before I even did any critical listening I was tapping my toes and truly enjoying the spacious stereo sound. I finally sat down and gave these little speakers a workout with a full orchestral performance as well as modern electronic music. While listening to performances of the London Symphony Orchestra, strings were reproduces with an clean and airy quality that brought the sound of the music hall into the living room. Examining the double bass and Timpani section was impressive for such a small speaker. While the furthest extremes in low frequency energy were not fully reproduced, the depth of the stereo image was truly impressive. Most importantly, the sound was natural with fidelity that I consider balanced and musically satisfying for a small speaker.

Moving onto rock and electronic sounds, I used some recordings by Beck and Stereolab to further investigate the fidelity of these Finnish speakers. The myriad of stereo phasing and effects on these recordings came through with spacial imaging that made recognizing the left/right stereo image quite engaging. Beck's vocal on Sea Change came through with detail and girth while the guitars and effects rang out in a wide stereo field. likewise, Stereolab's album Dots and Loops erupted with full and engaging effects that reached wide and deep into the soundstage.

It's rare to find a thoughtfully engineered speaker with care and concern put toward the appearance too. It may be diminutive size, but the 5.0 from Gradient achieves a soulful reproduction of music that is both full of detail and true to life. ‘ - Vahan Baladouni, Apartment Therapy

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‘ Kohtuuhintaista huippulaatua.’ - Samu Saurama, Gradient 5.0 ja Evidence MK4 -kaiuttimet testissä, 21.12.2012,

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‘ Ko​kei​lus​sa kaiut​ti​mia kuun​nel​tiin ta​val​li​ses​sa olo​huo​nees​sa. Ää​ni​ku​va oli sel​keä ja tark​ka: so​lis​ti lau​loi, kuin oli​si ol​lut olo​huo​nees​sa. Hän​tä oli​si mel​kein voi​nut osoit​taa sor​mel​la. ‘ - Jarmo Toivanen, Helsingin Sanomat, 21.11.2012

‘ 5.0 on aito Gradient: rakenteeltaan tarkoituksenmukainen ja huolellisesti harkittu. Sointi on luonnollisen sävyinen ja liioittelematon, ääripäistään hillitty. ‘ - Pekka Tuomela, Testi: Gradient 5.0 - kaiuttimet, Hifimaailma 7/2012

‘ Gradient 5.0 is the result of years of research, and that is easy to hear from its high-quality competent sound. As I did today. The sound has no obvious flaws, nor does it favour one area over the others, and the quality of the bass is unbelievably believable. If one is going to disagree upon the sonics of the 5.0, it has to take place on a much more subjective platform. Once again strong evidence of Gradient's capability of designing world-class loudspeakers. ‘ - Kari Nevalainen, A New Baby Gradient, 25.5.2012, INNER

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‘ Kompakti ja ajattoman tyylikkäästi muotoiltu kaiutin, joka tuskin jättää äänellisesti ketään kylmäksi. Loistotuote.‘ - Samu Saurama, Gradient 5.0 -kaiuttimet testissä, 23.5.2012,

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